Recipe: Foods For Thought

Looking for ways to have a calm evening??? Do you need to focus your attention on an existing project or maybe your in need of a PM Pick-me UP???

When it comes to food, texture and vitality is important!!!

Creamy foods are more soothing & calming

Cooked foods more comforting , i.e a vegetable soup

Raw foods make you feel Alive AKA Energized

Looking beyond the food - Take this 3 - step approach to a more BALANCED Body.

#1. (Spirit) A great a stretch helps to move things along both inside and out. Aim to begin first thing in the AM; it also helps to clear your mind and increase circulation.

#2. (MIND) Take time to chew - 26 times is the recommended amount- it helps to truly break down and release nutrients into the digestive tract & bloodstream & it helps you feel more at ease and focused as you mindfully appreciate each bite.

#3. (BODY) Drink plenty of water; aim to drink at least 12 ounces - 20 minutes before a meal. This will help with hard to digest foods & increase the blood flow to your brain.

Being the FAITH First Foodie that I am, with every meal and food preparation - I often learn some sort of lesson. And, today is no different.

On this Mindful Monday, I am reminded that variety matters- diversity matters while the unknown can sometimes make us feel Uncomfortable, there is comfort in the "One" who knows us best. So today I invite you to try a new food, take a new route to work or maybe just "BE" present as you_____________.

Today is an opportunity to start fresh, a moment to Live out Loud as you engage in this thing called Life. On this Mindful Monday I invite you to ponder the idea

"We make a living by get, We make a life by what we give"

#Stress #HealthyLiving

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