Recipe: "Mindful of the moments"

Mindful in the Moment....

Lets see....

It's 6AM and your alarm goes off, what are the thoughts going through your mind???

What will I have for breakfast? Do I have a meeting today?

Will there much traffic today? I must admit those were actually questions I asked myself.

Until one day I stopped and realized, " wait - I woke up this morning, to a new day"

AND "Thank you Lord" were the words that followed - and

That was when my AM "routine" begin to to look different.

what I realized is that many people have BUSY lives & want to have more ENERGY to keep up with it all; however they are challenged with what, when and how to accomplish this.

What I have found is that the solution begins from within, YES eating more nutritious & delicious foods is a HUGE help & if we add in, physical fitness and "Food for the Soul" we are on starting on the right foot.

So lets take a second to think about it...

"Everyday we are faced with a choice", & how and what we decide will have a lasting impact on who we are and what we are able to do.

Today's decision is an easy one - It's an Invitation... YES an Invite for you to JOIN me in being Mindful of the decisions we make with the choices we have. To be mindful is to be present, and in those moments of mindfulness I am amazed at how much is revealed.

On this Mindful Monday evening as I reflect on my decision to shop local, I am also reminded that just as Nutritional Ingredients vary so too does our Spiritual Ingredients.

And I ask myself:

Have I feed by Spirit today, and more importantly what ingredients did I put in???

Top 5 Reasons to shop locally:

Food For the Soul:

1. "Be Still & Know that I am God" - Psalm 46:10

2. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength" Phillipians 4:13

3. "You are a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" Psalm 119:10


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