"Preparation & Purpose"

"Preparation & Purpose"




YES!!! there is purpose in your preparation!!!

As I stood in my kitchen washing, chopping, dicing. I heard the Word "preparation".

My child, there are some things that you NEED to DO, you may need to WALK Through or simply REST in to get where you need to be.

TODAY The Lord reminded me that "nothing is wasted. There is power in "the stages of preparation, and Yes He has a purpose for it all!!!

ARE there areas of your life where you ask why am I doing XYZ.... Maybe you are thinking - "I should be doing....".

MAY these moments of questioning be embraced and not lead you away - BUT draw you of closer to the plan God has for you. - Jeremiah 29:11

TODAY, I hope you are reminded to keep moving, and rest assured that what you're doing is not in vain. "Every moment counts" - So join me and keep moving, keep going & YES!!! lets make it count!!!

IF you are thinking "did she get all that from cutting vegetable" :) Simply put - Yes & No. It's is really about being "Mindful in the Moment" and listening from within. So on this Mindful Monday may you engage in specific moments to hear, to listen, to ponder & really to ENJOY exactly where you are.

And YES!!! - prepare your lunch!!!! BUT mostly embrace #InHisPresence.

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